01. Hems

Original factory-finish hems on pants and jeans

02. Wedding

Perform repairs and alterations for wedding dresses, bridal gowns, and special occasion dresses.

03. Zippers

Repairs and replacement on all types of zippers

04. Lining Repair

Repair and replacement for coat and pant linings

05. Pockets

Repair and replacement of all coat and pant pockets

06. Sleeves

Shortening of coat sleeves from the shoulder

07. Jackets

Shorten the entire length of jackets

08. Patches

Replace leather, suede, and velvet elbow patches

09. Pleats

Removal of pleats from pants and slacks

10. Holes & Tears

Patch up holes and tears in jacks and pants

11. Armholes

Raise or lower armholes on coats and jackets

12. Rush Work Available

If you need a job rushed or done the same day please give us a call so we can discuss the details!